Top Gun of Virginia is a premier supplier of commercial shotcrete and gunite services on the east coast. Shotcrete and gunite are forms of pneumatically-applied concrete which can be used to build or repair structures. Shotcrete and gunite can perform jobs which are not possible or are more difficult with traditional “form and pour” concrete applications.

Top Gun uses our own volumetric trucks to apply engineer-certified mixes of both wet and dry process applications to meet any need.

VDOT & NCDOT Approved Contractor

Licensed to do business in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Delaware, & North Carolina

Both Wet and Dry Process

We use volumetric trucks and can apply our own certified mixes or use wet process from Ready Mix Plants and dry process pre-packaged material from manufacturers

Shotcrete & Gunite Pumps

Our gunite pumps can pump up to 400 linear feet (LF) and our shotcrete pumps can pump up to 1400 LF horizontal and 900 LF vertical

ACI/ASA Certified

Our nozzlemen are ACI/ASA Certified and each has 1000+ hours nozzling, passed a written exam and shot sample panels (both wet and dry) graded by an American Shotcrete Association Examiner before being certified. We certify our nozzlemen to assure we provide a quality finished product that meets ACI Standards.

Preconstruction Planning

We work closely with engineering and architectural firms to design and develop the proper specifications and drawing information for projects utilizing shotcrete applications.

We have the knowledge and the experience to ensure that all of the details are properly thought through before starting work on a job.

Determining the Best Process for Your Engineering

We work with structural engineers that specialize in slope stabilization, soil nails, H pile wood lagging retaining walls, and under pinning.

We can provide PE stamped drawings for these and other advanced projects along with an estimate.